Photo of “downtown” La Honda, CA

CSA7 Customer Advisory Committee

San Mateo County Service Area 7

CSA7 Water District

San Mateo County Public Works operates County Service Area No. 7 (CSA 7) to provide potable water to approximately 70 customers in the La Honda community. The water system also supplies two County facilities: Camp Glenwood Boys Ranch and Sam McDonald Park.

The CSA 7 water system originated in the 1920’s when private developers diverted water from Alpine Creek to serve a small subdivision of primarily vacation homes. The system was later expanded to serve Camp Glenwood and Sam McDonald County Park. The County took the system over in 1958 and subsequently performed repairs and upgrades. County Service Area 7 was formed in 1965. The system is administered and operated by San Mateo County Department of Public Works – Flood Control and Utilities Section of the Engineering and Resource Protection Division.9 In 1998, the “County Service Area 7 La Honda Water System Master Plan” was completed. The Master Plan included an assessment of the system, development of a water system capital improvement plan, a list of prioritized improvements and a water rate and revenue plan.

Customer Advisory Committee

In 1997 the Board of Supervisors adopted an ordinance providing for creation of a CSA 7 Customer Advisory Committee to advise and make recommendations to the Public Works Director regarding water rates, plans for system improvements and organizational and operational issues affecting CSA 7. The CSA7 system is divided into several “neighborhoods”, with one or more Committee members handling information sharing with each neighborhood.

The CSA7 Customer Advisory Committee operates under these by-laws.


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